Paralysed by Fear

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Did you know that people spend on average two years just thinking about International Adoption? Are you paralysed by fear?

When I think about it and the sorts of fears/concerns people have I realize that the thoughts are quite irrational and bear no relation to the reality. Sometimes you just need to take the plunge and see where this journey in your life takes you.

Find support whether it be individual coaching support  or group support.

Start your journey now.

What is stopping you?

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

International Adoption – First Steps

So you are thinking about adopting a child internationally.

International Adoption is a complex process that brings together parents and children from different countries and different cultures. As the process involves two countries different laws apply and this can be challenging.

My advice to you is to ensure that you are committed to this, do your research in to the country you want to adopt from and start planning. It is a long journey but the outcome is priceless.

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