The homestudy is a process that provides a picture of the potential and adoptive parents.
Some facts:

  •  Your Social Worker will complete the homestudy
  •  It can take several weeks to several months to complete
  •  You  will need letters from your current employers and possibly some previous employers
  •  You will need a health assessment
  •  Letters of reference
  •  Financial statements
  • A series of visits to your home by your Social Worker

The documentation requirements vary according to where you live and to which country you want to adopt from. When the homestudy is complete, your Social Worker will prepare a report about you and your family.

Many people get caught up in thinking the Social Worker is coming to see how clean and tidy your home is. This is not the case, they need to get to know you.
Don’t agonise over your house, remember it is a home…….

What advice would you give to somebody starting out on their Home Study?